STEP 3 - Refining the Design and Submission

This step, called Design Development, is when the architect prepares more detailed drawings to illustrate other aspects of the proposed design. When looking at these drawings, try to imagine yourself actually using the spaces. Ask yourself:

1. Does each space serve the intended purpose and include the features which are to be included?

2. Do I have a good sense of what it will look like? Do I like how it looks?

3. Do I agree with the selection of finishes, door types, windows, etc.?

4. Review every element with your architect to make sure you are comfortable with all of the design characteristics and the detail, which have been discussed.

The Preliminary Drawings are submitted to the Architectural Review Board(ARB) and we make a formal presentation to the Board, during which we describe design concept including the important features of your home and it’s relationship to the site characteristics. Comments are gathered from the ARB and the design is further refined to reflect our interpretation of these comments.